Broadcasting the Linux kernel, one source file at a time!

Linux Radio is an online radio broadcasting the latest stable version of the Linux kernel (currently 3.0.4), which is read in plain voice using eSpeak, an open source text to speech synthesizer.

There are currently 1011010 (base 2) tunes in our database and we are working to add more. A new source file is selected randomly each time you load this page, and a list of all availables tunes along with links to their source code is available below. Remember, if you can’t get enough, you can always open Linux Radio in two or more different browser tabs… Use the Source, Luke!

Note to programmers : listening to white noise might help you concentrate during coding sessions, and ASCii Codes reference chart might prove useful as well!

BREAKING NEWS : check out Echo JS, a social news site dedicated to JavaScript and related topics!

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